Amanda Stone ready to wear is an articulation of a strong force of creative expansion and a rich personal spiritual practice. It values adornment not only as an expression of Self, but perhaps more strongly as an empowerment of Self. Amanda Stone believes in clothing as a talisman and protector of one's spirit - tools which can be charged with certain intent, thus allowing the wearer to hold the frequency of what they want to manifest in their life.

The garments we wear can become embodiments and reminders of the potency we all harness. We clothe our Self as a warrior each day to channel powers - weapons of adaptability, intuition, of knowing, trust and strength. We clothe our Self as a warrior each day to embrace and forge our beliefs, to hold these things close by, to remind our selves of our invisible truths. We bring our outer selves to become more aware of and in direct relation to our inner warrior selves. We enable our being through adornment made sacred by our own will . . . a creative expression and empowerment of one's inner strength and truth. This is the force of creation that exists within the Amanda Stone atelier. Her craft translates presence and intent into ready to wear.

The Amanda Stone collection is an evolving tribute to the experiences of interacting with the invisible energies around us that bless us with visions and intuition. These invisible energies are kin of the life force that surrounds us on Earth, and the life force above us in the cosmos. Within their devoted stillness there is a presence of solid, quiet strength. They seep into the edges of our skin and down through our bones. They exist to remind us that we all act from and are comprised of a mystery which guides us along through our days . . . A voice within each of us that brings our intuition to heightened states of receptivity and knowing, and which allows us to listen, allows the borders of man and the cosmos to become blurred. The invisible energies drink in our thoughts and our desires; they know us so intimately that they are the ones who whisper our dreams into being, the ones that cradle us in their airy embrace as we live our lives, and let us know we are being held in the arms of the Universe. This collection is a tribute to the forces that whisper the invisible world into the tangible, letting mystery happen through us.

Amanda Stone ready to wear collection holds strength and delicacy in union while reviving the understated and redefining the warrior. The garments in the collection are as personal as they are classic. Inscribed with hints of provocation, casual air and practicality, Amanda Stone combines street and classy, creating a new vision of empowered playfulness.

Set apart from the traditional fashion schedule, Amanda Stone items are made in small runs or to order; many are limited edition. All pieces in the collection are crafted and finished by hand in our studio in New Orleans, LA, USA.