Amanda Stone has been working in the fashion industry since 2003 creating patterns and garments for stage, costume and ready to wear on custom one-off and mass production levels.

My mission is to produce patterns for my clients that are precise in measurement, fit, silhouette and proportion, and are true to your original vision by working with you though challenges to find the right solutions that fit your needs.

From first patterns through fit sessions, to final production patterns and technical consulting on each style, I keep in mind your price point, deomographic, and construction standards in order to create a pattern that will be easily read, and will hold true to your standard of quality.

I use a combination of draping and hand drafting for developing patterns from your sketches. Each pattern includes a complete tech pack with technical sketch, cutters must, construction report, and spec measurements.

I offer
Sloper and fit development
Pattern drafting from first patterns through fittings to production patterns
Grading services
Technical illustrations and spec packages

Please email for more information.

Amanda Stone values adornment not only as an expression of Self, but perhaps more strongly as an empowerment of Self.
She knows that clothes are not only about how they make you look, but how they make you feel when you put them on.
She believes that the garments we wear can become embodiments of the potency we all harness within... a creative expression and empowerment of one's inner strength and truth.
Connecting with your vision of your muse, Amanda sees and embodies the essence of the charater, and then creates that within the pattern's form and silhouette. Her craft is to translate presence and intent into ready to wear.